Introducing Canada East

We are proud to be a part of this new start up that we call CANADA EAST SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. Our goal is to exclusively connect with the western manufacturers and their great, unique products and bring them into the Eastern Canadian market place.

We are careful to select only special or unique quality products that are not currently available to these Canadian regions and handle all of the details of getting the products here. This includes all of the trucking and border challenges for the 9000 plus products that we handle. One of the first product lines that we would like to highlight is HiQual. We will be sponsoring a young english rider and a professional trainer that we will introduce later on this forum, along with supporting local horse shows and events. You will see HiQual at all of the horse shows too like Can Am, Mane Event and Royal Winter Fair.

Also we have a huge selection of cattle products from Sioux Steel. Keep in mind that the focus of all of our products is TOP QUALITY, even though the pricing is always competitive, it is not the main focus of the products we carry. We believe that it is always cheaper to buy a good product once than to pay for replacing cheap junk, never mind the hassle or safety issues that cheaper products have.

Check out the flat bed decks for your pickup in the Chisolm Trail section. These range from an economy flat deck all the way up to a dumping, large hay bale management system. No matter what kind of truck you drive we will have a bed for it. These will be professionally installed by Ontario’s own MiMECHANIC located in the middle of south western Ontario.

We are currently working on agreements with other manufacturers so their products will be available to you as well. For now its a secret as to who these manufacturers are however all will be revealed in time.

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Spartan’s Third Show

Beautiful day to tie up a first and two third place finishes in this packed class. It ended up being a long day to get every one through but hey… who said it was a bad thing to sit in the sunshine with a cool summer breeze blowing and watch horses jumping for the day!

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